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How it works
QuickDraw tape measure with built in graphite marking device
QuickDraw tape measure being reloaded with graphite like a mechanical pencil

2000 Marks per load!

Video - How to Reload

Lock the Blade to Draw Circles

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I saw this on Facebook and thought it would be a cool Christmas gift for our son in law. After I received it I think I'll have to buy him another one. This is a well built 25' tape measure that is easy to read and the built in pencil is a fantastic idea.

Paul P.

It is super handy and easy to use for projects. Particularly woodworking and drywall work. It's super easy to drag a straight line down a large sheet of material to make a long cut. Or pre-set the tape measure with a measurement and make your mark in hard to reach places.

Jeff B.

Another stocking stuffer for my hubby for the win! My hubby is so used to stealing pencils from inside I had to remind him of the built in graphite marker a couple of times. But now he's so used to it when he grabs a different tape measure he's peeved he's gotta revert an old fashioned pencil!

Kendra S.

I purchased this for my dad as a gift. He is a pretty avid carpenter, so he is big on measuring twice, cutting once. After few days, he got hooked on using the marking feature, and he loves it. He used it building a 20'x30' garage and said it was super helpful. Great gift!

Patrick A.

Why quickdraw?


Patented RollMark Technology

The marking system works like this: There is a stick of graphite directly above the small steel wheel. As the wheel rolls, it transfers the graphite to the surface being marked. The result is a pencil line, without the pencil, and it never needs to be sharpened, and it can't break.     


TruView WEDGE Indicator

It looks like a wedge shape from the front, but as you look from above, it becomes a single line. It acts as a gun site, eliminating the parallax effect and letting you make an extremely accurate mark.

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Rugged Construction

The rugged co-molded case is secured by industrial STAR-drive screws. Our tape hook is secured with three rivets and a steel backing plate.  FYI: You can extend the stand-out of the blade up to 12 feet with your free hand.

The QUICKDRAW Marking KeyChain Holds Refills - $9.99

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FOCUS and DISCIPLINE - A chapter from "The Inventors Guide to World Domination".

FOCUS and DISCIPLINE - A chapter from "The Inventors Guide to World Domination".

If you really are tired of struggling financially… If you really want to turn your life around, you have to make a conscious decision.

You have to change your perception of focus and discipline. 

For the gates of success to open, focus and discipline have to become your friend.  Once you start implementing focus and discipline, it’s liberating, because it breeds success and success gives you freedom! You can do this, and Chapter 4 shows you how.

Best Father's Day gift ever!

Best Father's Day gift ever!

Best seller for Father’s Day… this tape measure has a built-in marking device. It never needs sharpening, can’t break, and makes 2000+ marks per load - comes with 10 reloads and a marking keychain that holds the refills

For the dad that has everything, except a pencil when he really needs it, the QuickDraw Pro self-marking tape get's the job done in spades.  

The magic is in the way it works on all kinds of surfaces, no mater how rough, because the mark is made by a small hardened steel wheel, that rolls out the graphite, but the wheel itself can't break. Think of it like a ballpoint pencil, except it's a wheel. 

Top rated tape measure

Top rated tape measure

Top rated tape measure review - We’ve all been there, in that moment when we’re ready to make our mark, and realize we don’t have a pencil behind our ear... so we put the tape measure down, and we’re off on mission to find a damm pencil... 5 minutes later, we’re ready to get it done, and the pencil lead breaks !@%#^! OK, calm down, we just need to find something to sharpen it with... 

Point being, if you work with a tape measure everyday, or just once in a while on a home project, you will love the new innovation of the QuickDraw self-marking tape measure, but it’s much more than that. It also: 

1. makes a perfect circle 

2. gives you an extra hand to hold the blade in place for a more accurate mark

3. duplicates measurements easily

4. makes difficult measurements easy

5. saves time and frustration by never having to look for a pencil (or a sharpener) again  

Best Selling Tape Measure

Best Selling Tape Measure

Best selling tape measure - Quickdraw pro is a self-marking tape measure that eliminates the need for a pencil altogether.  Imagine having an extra hand to hold the blade steady while you make your mark, exactly where you want it. 


New improvements to the QuickDraw Pro - The tape blade brake-lock has been redesigned

New improvements to the QuickDraw Pro - The tape blade brake-lock has been redesigned

New improvements to the QuickDraw Pro: The tape blade brake-lock has been redesigned to be easy to engage, yet lock and hold the blade for repeated measurements. Co-Molded rubber engages the tape blade from above and below, to grip and hold the blade better than any other tape on the market.
Wallpaper is a simple task, if you have one of these...

Wallpaper is a simple task, if you have one of these...

So, you're about to hang a picture, or some shelves, or in this case, a wallpaper mural. First step is laying out the measuring and that requires a measuring tape, a pencil, and something to keep the pencil sharp, except not today, because today, we're using a self-marking tape measure with a built-in marking device, because it's so much easier.Quickdraw self-marking tape measure make it easy

NOTE: It's very important, is to reverse roll the wallpaper, so it lays out flat, when you unroll it. It doesn't take long with most papers, but you'll have to test it to determine if you've gotten the curl out. It works well to use the tube the paper came in.

Quickdraw tapes

If you look closely, you'll see the overlap of the panel on the molding above. You'll need a sharp razor knife to trim it, and if the knife is not sharp enough, it can easily tear the paper, so you might want to invest in new blades for your knife.

quickdraw wallpaper info

I did the four upper panels first, because the ceiling was so out of wack, and I was very carful to keep each panel true to my vertical marks, made with the QuickDraw Self-marking tape measure, which should insure good alignment with the lower panels. 

 quickdraw tape measures

Now, put up the first lower panel from the middle out, as this will give you the ability to make adjustments as you match the remaining panels.

best selling tape measure

Now, put up the first lower panel from the middle out, as this will give you the ability to make adjustments as you match the remaining panels.

Top rated tape measure - Quickdraw

A little about marking tape measures - If you have never used a self-marking tape, and you do a lot of home projects, you defiantly want to get one. They are simply the best tape measure ever invented. It marks on the roughest of materials, and even marks on wet surfaces. The patented built in marking device allows you to lay down a pencil line right where you want it, but there’s no pencil to sharpen, or break. A small steel wheel transfers graphite to the surface you’re marking. So easy, quick, and most importantly, accurate. Makes every job easier, and you’re never wasting time looking for a pencil!

Inventing the QuickDraw Marking Tape Measure

Inventing the QuickDraw Marking Tape Measure

I was in second grade when a kid challenged me to roll a quarter down the center of my face. He said, “You can’t do it, it’s impossible!” I took the quarter and proved him wrong, to which he replied, “Oh, I guess I was wrong.” He then walked away laughing. Unbeknownst to me, he had rubbed pencil graphite on the edge of the quarter, so I was walking around with a black line right down the center of my face.
Flash forward: I’m a grown man, with a family, building my house in Sun Valley, Idaho. It’s snowing, my ears are cold, my skin is dry, and countless pencils have already fallen from the perch on my ear into snowdrifts, lost until spring for sure. I’m using a Stanley Power-lock tape measure to frame the second floor and I’ve just lost my last pencil. SOB#%^@#! So, I start using the edge of the tape case to indent the wood. This was the beginning of the idea that would eventually become the QuickDraw Pro marking tape measure.
Already having had success as an inventor (The Levelution System Level was performing increasingly well), I knew I was onto something. I did patent searches, and discovered there were over sixty patents on the idea of a marking tape measure, yet nothing was on the market? This was strange, because I knew firsthand that it was a great idea. I analyzed all the existing patents and discovered that they all had the same flaws. Simply put, if you have to engage a marking mechanism (that would be a pencil), then lock the blade, then make your mark, then dis-engage the marker, then dis-engage the lock, well, forget it, it’s going to be easier to use a pencil.
Bob the One-Armed Carpenter...

Bob the One-Armed Carpenter...

Once upon a time...

There was a one-handed carpenter named Bob... Bob used a regular tape measure and held a pencil in his mouth, to make a mark... Life was hard for Bob... no matter how great a carpenter Bob was, he was paid very little. Then one fateful day, a new guy showed up, using some kind of magical self-marking tape measure...

Bob blinked to be sure his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him... Bob asked the new guy, “can I try it?” Sure Bob, you’ll love it, cuz it’s like having an extra hand... indeed it was... But how does it work? Well Bob, there’s a small steel wheel, that rolls out graphite, so there’s nothing to sharpen... nothing to break... and Bob, it’ll make 2000 marks per load... Bob went right out and bought a QuickDraw Pro Tape, and lived happily ever after...

The QuickDraw tape measure gave Bob the ability to make a good living... For the two-handed carpenter, the QuickDraw just makes everything that much easier...


Pencils are Evil...

Pencils are Evil...