FOCUS and DISCIPLINE - A chapter from "The Inventors Guide to World Domination".


“Creativity, if you have it, is an incredible strength, and is, in itself, rewarding, but… creativity by itself does not pay the bills.” - D.S. 

The very dynamic of being creative opens your mind to see opportunity everywhere you look.  The more creative you are the more that possibilities abound- It is the opposite of what is required to run a successful business. I’m not saying that businessmen don’t utilize creativity.  Of course, they do, but it’s generally limited to structuring deals and perhaps sales promotions.  With few exceptions, successful businessmen are mostly focused and always disciplined.  That’s because the nuts and bolts of running a business day to day, only works within a framework of focus and discipline.

The problem for us creatives’ - Focus and discipline (F & D) are boring as all hell.  F & D guys live within the proverbial BOX, and they’re happy (or, at least they seem to be – remember my coffee house guy).  But, when creativity rules the day, anything is possible! Our comfort zone is being on the ledge, seeing things from unique perspectives and questioning the status quo. 

“To boldly go where no one has gone before” – Gene Roddenberry – (Star Trek)

That’s our motto! Everyday something new and exciting! Focus and discipline is for suits!

Or is it…

As most people know, Steve Jobs, the co-creator of Apple, launched the company out of his garage.  He had a single vision for Apple, and that with that vision; he grew the company into a global competitor.  Then the board of directors ousted him.  They forced him out of his own company because they thought they knew better. This was a unique situation wherein the creative guy (Jobs) was the focused one, and the board was not. Over the following years, they proceeded to mismanage the company to the point that Apple was within a few months of filing bankruptcy.  It was at this time, that the guy with the vision (jobs) was invited back.  He took the helm of a sinking ship and fast-forward to today, he not only saved the company, he turned it into a global leader and redefined the market for computers, phones, tablets, etc.…

The secret to his success, the secret that allowed him to realize his vision, was his commitment, his focus and discipline.  The first thing he did upon his return was to analyze all the new projects currently in development.  Any projects that departed from his vision of Apple and its core focus, were immediately shut down.  It didn’t matter how interesting, cool, or how much potential they might have, they were eliminated.  He knew that the only way to save the company was to have all resources focused on a single vision/goal.  For a creative guy like Steve Jobs you might imagine that it was a painful process.  In fact, I’m sure it was, but it was the necessary medicine required to save the day, and boy, did he ever save the day!


So, how do we tap into that mindset?

What’s the answer to F & D dilemma?


If you really are tired of struggling financially… If you really want to turn your life around, you have to make a conscious decision.

You have to change your perception of focus and discipline. 

For the gates of success to open, focus and discipline have to become your friend.  Once you start implementing focus and discipline, it’s liberating, because it breeds success and success gives you freedom! You can do this, and Chapter 4 shows you how.

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