LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - FYI: A woman that worked at the return counter of a major lumber yard chain, once told me that you could leave a contractor alone in the desert

Hi, I’m Dane, the inventor of the QUICKDRAW Self-Marking tape, and I’d like to address some of the questions we regularly get:

  1. Accuracy – all QUICKDRAW Pro tapes have what’s called a Tru-View indicator (Worldwide Patents pending). This is a dual line indicator that is perfectly aligned with the marking wheel, and it insures accuracy by eliminating the parallax effect. Imagine looking at a car’s speedometer from the passenger seat. You would not have an accurate read on the MPH because the distance of the indicator from the face of the speedometer causes what’s called, a parallax effect. The Tru-View indicator has two points of reference (like a mini gun site) that insures actuary. With very little practice you can measure and mark with (one hand) much faster than anyone using two hands and a pencil.marking tape measure with patented tru-view indicator by Quickdraw tapes
  1. All QUICKDRAW tapes have a three-rivet tape hook with a steel backing plate (original patent by Jack Evans – Starrett – issued in 1967). The hook is designed to shift exactly the thickness of the hook, so that you get an accurate reading when you are hooking the tape or pushing it against a surface. I know that you professionals are aware of this, but we have had some people make comments that don’t understand it.
  2. Durability – The heat-treated marking wheel is partly exposed at the front right corner of the tape case. As the wheel rolls, .9mm graphite is transferred to the surface you are marking. There is nothing to sharpen, nothing to break, nothing to get in the way. In fact, I you weren’t looking for it, you wouldn’t know it was there. You can use it just like a traditional contractor grade tape, except when you lose your pencil, or your pencil breaks, you won’t waste time looking for it (and then you’ll be hooked). We do drop tests from 6′ onto concrete and the worst that happens is the graphite can break, in which case you reload in 10 seconds, and your back to work.
  3. Loading the graphite: The QUICKDRAW comes pre-loaded, so please do not over-load it because it will not perform well. There’s a slide button on the side of the case that shows you how much graphite you have left. if the button is higher than 3/4 up, then you are over-loaded, or the button needs to be pushed down to engage the graphite. It is spring loaded, so once it’s engaged, you’re good for 2000+ marks. (1/4″ marks) Click for Detailed RELOADING instructions
  4. The QUICKDRAW tape blade is Nylon coated for 3x durability and has a non-glare white finish with crisp black printing. 16″ and 24″ layout is standard.
  5. Our blade lock is co-molded on the inside of the case where it contacts the blade, top and bottom, to ensure a solid grip of the tape. Great for repeated measurements and making an accurate radius or circle.
  6. Amazing Value: If you earn $30hr and you're saving 15 minutes each day, not looking for, or sharpening pencils, you're actually saving a grand total of $3,600.00 each year. That’s a pretty amazing return on a $20 investment.

LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY - FYI: A woman that worked at the return counter of a major lumber yard chain, once told me that you could leave a contractor alone in the desert, naked, with an anvil and when you came back the next day, the anvil would be broken and he wouldn’t know how it happened… The point being that contractors are capable of breaking anything, so if you break your QuickDraw tape, please know that we have you covered. QuickDraw Pro models that are bought through our website are covered by our *limited lifetime warranty (see details on our website.)

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