How to Save $3000 a year, upgrading to the QuickDraw Marking Tape Measure

The average carpenter wastes 15+ minutes every day, looking for a pencil, sharpening a pencil, looking for something to sharpen a pencil with, etc.. That's a lot of wasted time, and it adds up to approximately $3000 per year (based on $30 per hour). And that is just the beginning...

Does your tape measure make 2000 marks per load?
Does it reload in 10 seconds?
Does it work with one hand?
Does it make a radius or circle? 

These are a few of other factors that make the QuickDraw Pro tape, the new standard on the job site.   


The new QUICKDRAW PRO makes 2000+ marks (1/4”) per load and comes with 10 refills + one in the chamber. Reloading takes only 10 seconds (6 seconds if you've been in the military). 

If you're making 1/4" marks, then you’re going to get more than 30,000+ marks before needing to purchase refills.

Refills are available at:

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