Save $3000 a year, upgrading to the QuickDraw Marking Tape Measure

The average carpenter spends 15+ minutes of their valuable time, every day, looking for a pencil, sharpening a pencil, looking for something to sharpen a pencil with, etc.. That's a lot of time, and it adds up to approximately $3000 per year (based on losing 15 minutes a day at $30 per hour). And that's just the beginning:

The only tape measure that makes 2000 marks per load.
Reloads in 10 seconds.
Measure and mark with one hand.
Draw a radius or circle, instantly 

These are a few of other factors that make the QuickDraw Pro tape, the new standard on the job site.   


The new QUICKDRAW PRO makes 2000+ marks (1/4”) per load and comes with 10 refills + one in the chamber. Reloading takes only 10 seconds (6 seconds if you've been in the military). 

If you're making 1/4" marks, then you’re going to get more than 30,000+ marks before needing to purchase refills, which, pretty much makes this the best tape measure ever

Refills are available at:

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