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Building with the QuickDraw Pro - Weekend project

Building with the QuickDraw Pro - Weekend project

Building with the QuickDraw tape measure- Weekend project - 

The problem:  an exterior utility door, that's got a fair amount of dry rot, and the brass hinges and latch are caked in 50 years of paint.  

For tools, besides my Quickdraw tape, I've got a chop saw, a skill-saw, a screw-gun, and a plainer, but no table saw, so, I'll measure, and mark with the quickdraw, then cut the boards to 38" using the chop saw. 


Best Father's Day gift ever!

Best Father's Day gift ever!

Best seller for Father’s Day… this tape measure has a built-in marking device. It never needs sharpening, can’t break, and makes 2000+ marks per load - comes with 10 reloads and a marking keychain that holds the refills

For the dad that has everything, except a pencil when he really needs it, the QuickDraw Pro self-marking tape get's the job done in spades.  

The magic is in the way it works on all kinds of surfaces, no mater how rough, because the mark is made by a small hardened steel wheel, that rolls out the graphite, but the wheel itself can't break. Think of it like a ballpoint pencil, except it's a wheel. 

Top rated tape measure

Top rated tape measure

Top rated tape measure review - We’ve all been there, in that moment when we’re ready to make our mark, and realize we don’t have a pencil behind our ear... so we put the tape measure down, and we’re off on mission to find a damm pencil... 5 minutes later, we’re ready to get it done, and the pencil lead breaks !@%#^! OK, calm down, we just need to find something to sharpen it with... 

Point being, if you work with a tape measure everyday, or just once in a while on a home project, you will love the new innovation of the QuickDraw self-marking tape measure, but it’s much more than that. It also: 

1. makes a perfect circle 

2. gives you an extra hand to hold the blade in place for a more accurate mark

3. duplicates measurements easily

4. makes difficult measurements easy

5. saves time and frustration by never having to look for a pencil (or a sharpener) again