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Stop the Madness!

Stop the Madness!

There are approximately 950,000 carpenters in the US… imagine how much collective time is wasted looking for pencils, sharpening pencils, or looking for something to sharpen a pencil with.

It’s TIME to end this madness - The top-rated QuickDraw self-marking tape measure is on sale today-

Best Father's Day gift ever!

Best Father's Day gift ever!

Best seller for Father’s Day… this tape measure has a built-in marking device. It never needs sharpening, can’t break, and makes 2000+ marks per load - comes with 10 reloads and a marking keychain that holds the refills

For the dad that has everything, except a pencil when he really needs it, the QuickDraw Pro self-marking tape get's the job done in spades.  

The magic is in the way it works on all kinds of surfaces, no mater how rough, because the mark is made by a small hardened steel wheel, that rolls out the graphite, but the wheel itself can't break. Think of it like a ballpoint pencil, except it's a wheel. 

Save $3000 a year, upgrading to the QuickDraw Marking Tape Measure

Save $3000 a year, upgrading to the QuickDraw Marking Tape Measure

The average carpenter spends 15+ minutes every day, looking for a pencil, sharpening a pencil, looking for something to sharpen a pencil with, etc.. That's a lot of time, and it adds up to approximately $3000 per year (based on 15 minutes a day at $30 per hour).

The only tape measure that makes 2000 marks per load.
Reloads in 10 seconds.
Measure and mark with one hand.
Draw a radius or circle, instantly 

These are a few of other factors that make the QuickDraw Pro tape, the new   standard on the job site:

1.  A new break lock that captures the blade (top and bottom) with rubber grips, and the break button is co-molded with soft rubber, guaranteed to lock the blade solid. 

2. A new patented spool system for the smoothest blade action of any tape on the market.

3. A new (patent pending) Tru-View™ WEDGE™ indicator that insures greater accuracy than our original (patent pending Tru-View™ indicator).      

4.  An improved marking system for easer reloads and more consistent marking. 5. A new extra heavy-duty spring steel belt clip with an industrial chrome finish.

6. Upgraded star-drive fasteners that secure the tape housing.

7. An injection molded screen printed logo on the front (no stick-on labels for the QUICKDRAW® PRO. 

8. The New QUICKDRAW® key chain for holding extra graphite, includes the QUICKDRAW® marker technology built-in.

9. A nylon safety strap (optional, for working in high places).

10. New blade layouts (optional: Imperial 25’ &16”, Metric 8M &5M, EZ-READ™ 25’ &16’, Imperial/Metric 26’/8M, 16’/5M.

11.  New .9mm white ceramic refills for dark materials and metal work.



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