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The story behind the QuickDraw marking tape

The story behind the QuickDraw marking tape

The story behind the QuickDraw marking tape  -  I was in second grade when a kid challenged me to roll a quarter down the center of my face. He said “You can’t do it, it’s impossible!”. I took the quarter and proved him wrong, to which he replied “oh, I guess I was wrong”, and he walked away laughing. Unknown to me, he had rubbed pencil graphite on the edge of the quarter, so I was walking around with a black line down the center of my face. Flash forward to me building my house in the Sun Valley Idaho. It’s snowing, my ears are cold, my skin is dry, and countless pencils have already fallen from the perch on my ear, into snowdrifts, lost until spring for sure. I’m using a Stanley Power-lock tape measure to frame the second floor and I’ve just lost my last pencil. SOB#%^@#! So, I start using the edge of the tape case to indent the wood. This was the beginning of the idea that would eventually become the QUICKDRAW Pro marking tape measure.

Imagine your tape measure making 2000 marks per load...

Imagine reloading in 10 seconds...

Imagine it working with one hand...

Imagine it making a radius or circles...

Save $3000 a year, using the QuickDraw Marking Tape Measure

Save $3000 a year, using the QuickDraw Marking Tape Measure

The average carpenter wastes 15+ minutes every day, looking for a pencil, sharpening a pencil, looking for something to sharpen a pencil with, etc.. That's a lot of wasted time, and it adds up to approximately $3000 per year (based on $30 per hour). And that is just the beginning...

Does your tape measure make 2000 marks per load?
Does it reload in 10 seconds?
Does it work with one hand?
Does it make a radius or circle? 

These are a few of other factors that make the QuickDraw Pro tape, the new standard on the job site.   


Marking Dark materials with the NEW QUICKDRAW

Marking Dark materials with the NEW QUICKDRAW

Black graphite comes standard in all QuickDraw marking tape measures, but now WHITE GRAPHITE refills (technically white ceramic) is available, and these refills work in all QuickDraw Pro models. 

For everyone that works with metal, or any dark, hard to mark, materials that black graphite doesn't mark, you will love this option. The bright white mark is easy to see, and you'll get approximately 1000+ 1/4" marks. Reloads are fast and easy. No tools required, just follow the simple video on our website, and it will take less than 10 seconds. Oh, and the white graphite works in all QUICKDRAW models including the 16' and 25' QUICKDRAW Pro

QuickDraw: Marking Tape Measure Review

QuickDraw: Marking Tape Measure Review

The new QuickDraw Pro (Red), is the ultimate tape measure.  It has the following improvements and features over the QuickDraw (Black) DIY model: 

1.  A new break lock that captures the blade (top and bottom) with rubber grips, and the break button is co-molded with soft rubber, guaranteed to lock the blade solid. 

2. A new patented spool system for the smoothest blade action of any tape on the market.

3. A new (patent pending) wedge Tru-View indicator that insures even greater accuracy then our original (patent pending Tru-View indicator).      

4.  An improved marking system for easer reloads and more consistent marking. 5. A new extra heavy-duty chrome belt clip.

6. Upgraded star-drive fasteners that secure the tape housing.

7. An injection molded screen printed logo on the front (no cheap stick on labels for the QuickDraw Pro. 

8. A QuickDraw Pro key chain for holding extra graphite, and it also has the QuickDraw marker built-in (optional).

9. A nylon safety strap (optional, for working in high places).

10. New blade layouts (optional: Imperial 25’ &16”, Metric 8M &5M, EZ-READ 25’ &16’, Imperial/Metric 26’/8M, 16’/5M.

11.  New .9mm white ceramic refills for dark materials and metal work.