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We’ve all been there, in that moment when we’re ready to make our mark, and realize we don’t have a pencil behind our ear... so we put the tape measure down, and we’re off on mission to find a damm pencil... 5 minutes later, we’re ready to get it done, and the pencil lead breaks !@%#^! OK, calm down, we just need to find something to sharpen it with... 

Point being, if you work with a tape measure everyday, or just once in a while on a home project, you will love the new innovation of the QuickDraw self-marking tape measure, but it’s much more than that. It also: WHEEL vs Pencil  Look closely… it's the re-invention of the wheel - it never breaks, never needs sharpening - marks the roughest lumber, marks wet lumber, and you can use it with one hand (and stabilize the blade with the other, if needed). One stick of graphite makes 2000+ 1/4" marks - reload takes 6 seconds. HOW IT WORKS: 1. The patented graphite fed hardened steel wheel auto feeds the graphite line, perpendicular to the tape blade. 2. The patents pending TRU-View WEDGE indicator eliminates the parallax effect, to ensure extreme accuracy. 3. 2000+ 1/4" marks per load with a 6 second reload design. 4. Can be dropped directly on the marking wheel from 15' onto concrete and still work perfectly. 5. Works amazing on wet lumber, rough lumber, treated lumber, etc...

1. makes a perfect circle 

2. gives you an extra hand to hold the blade in place for a more accurate mark

3. duplicates measurements easily

4. makes difficult measurements easy

5. saves time and frustration by never having to look for a pencil (or a sharpener) again 

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