What do you want to build today...? Starting a new project, a building project to be precise, is exciting!

Starting a new project, a building project to be precise, is exciting! Figuring out your materials list, and using 10% of your budget for new toys (tools) is one of my favorite parts. Another is the smell of fresh cut lumber, and you know why, because there's something primal about building. Working with your hands to manifest  something in the real world, from something you've only imagined in your mind. It's a guys way of giving birth, in a way.

I've built home's from the ground up, and, as an inventor, I've developed and launched hundreds of products, and the feeling is the same... It's in this spirt that I salute the tradesmen, craftsmen, contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers, architects, and inventors.

Now, I could have just said inventors, and everyone would have been covered, because everyone working in the trades is, or has been an inventor at one time or another. An inventor, to be clear, is a problem solver, and you qualify, regardless of wether or not you've ever filed a patent. You can't build shit without being a problem solver, period. What's interesting though, is that, it's the problems that arise, that create the real opportunities. That's how the QuickDraw marking tape came into the world. For the details of the birthing process, check out my book:

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