QuickDraw Metal-MARK 16'- Marking Tape Measure-Contractor Grade (Green)

QuickDraw Metal-MARK 16'- Marking Tape Measure-Contractor Grade (Green)

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The 16' QD MetalMark tape measure is the most accurate and time saving tape measure available. Marks on dark surfaces including steel, dark woods, etc.  

WHEEL vs Pencil - Best selling tape measure - Look closely… it's the re-invention of the wheel - it never breaks, never needs sharpening - marks the roughest lumber, marks wet lumber, and you can use it with one hand (and stabilize the blade with the other, if needed). One stick of graphite makes 2000+ 1/4" marks - reload takes 6 seconds.


1. The patented graphite fed hardened steel wheel auto feeds the graphite line, perpendicular to the tape blade, so there's nothing to sharpen and nothing to break (no more looking for pencils - no more sharpening). 

2. The patents pending TRU-View WEDGE indicator, looks like a wedge from the front, but as you look from above, the wedge turns into a single line, similar to a gun-site. The technical point is, it eliminates the parallax effect, to ensure extreme accuracy. 

3. 1000+ 1/4" marks per load with a 10 second reload. The reload video will dial you in, and in less than a minute, you'll be a pro.

4. Can be dropped directly on the marking wheel from 15' onto concrete and still work perfectly. The heavy duty ABS co-molded case, is held together with speciality fasteners (NOT the cheap screws you see on most tapes).  

5. Works amazing on wet lumber, rough lumber, treated lumber, etc...   


What materials will it mark on?  - Quickdraw's MetalMark will lay down a white graphite line on any surface you can mark with a pencil, and many you can’t, because the marking wheel can roll over very rough and wet surfaces. The white marking material shows up well on all dark surfaces. 

Accuracy of the best selling tape measure  - The QUICKDRAW MetalMarkPRO - has a (Patent Pending) Wedge indicator ensures extreme accuracy and eliminates the parallax effect.

Newly Designed Easy-Lock Brake - New improvements to the QuickDraw Pro: The tape blade break-lock has been redesigned to be easy to engage, yet lock and hold the blade for repeated measurements. Co-Molded rubber engages the tape blade from above and below, to grip and hold the blade better than any other tape on the market. See details...

Magnetic Hook - The strong magnets in the hook are like having a helper hold the hook against any ferris metal surface.   

30 Day unconditional money back Guarantee. Beyond that we cover workmanship and materials - If the tape is abused beyond normal use, then it is not covered.